Spring is just around the corner, so now is a very good time to set off your chilli seeds!

We at the Little Chilli Shop, have a wide range of chilli seeds that have been pre germinated. This means the seeds are more likey to grow. The Little Chilli Shop is working closely with ‘Medwyns of Anglesey’. (Award winning professional growers since 1972).  The hotter chillis such as Scotch Bonnet, Naga, Scorpion and Reapers are slow to grow, so be patient.  All chillis do better if you set them off in a propagator, but you can sow pre germinated seeds under glass. They will all need a little water, warmth and sunlight. We have special chilli growing soil with nutrients that promote root growth for a stronger plant. Our soil has been formulated to get the best out of your chilli and pepper plants. We also have Chilli Plant feed for your plant in full bloom, it is high in potassium for a higher yield.

Please feel free to send us your chilli plants pics!

Happy Growing Chilli Sue x